Marvel Rewatch: Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2

Clearly, everyone got the memo that every one loves baby dancing Groot. Or baby Groot looking concerned. Or sad. Or baby Groot in general. Which is good, because he is fucking adorable. I mean, Taserface even thinks he’s adorable.

What I like about the film is that they are all still a mixed group of people – just because they saved that planet they are still really dysfunctional. They all have their issues and haven’t resolved them to anyone’s satisfaction yet. It’s a special kind of dysfunctional that gets everyone almost killed. And poor Gamora always has to be the adult in the room.

Oh man! Foreshadowing with Yondu and  Stakar Ogor (Sylvester Stallone)!


I really quite enjoy Nebula being quite a psychopath. They look totally different but it’s nice to have such a personality difference between the two. She always just seems dangerous, which she is, of course. Also, she gets character growth! We understand a little bit about why she is as crazy as she is.

On the rewatch, you see all the cues that show that Ego is going to be bad. Different phrases, the way he looks at different questions. He’s waaaay too happy that Peter can do the energy thing. YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS UP. I’m certain I caught none of this on the first watch through.

I love the scene where they try and get Baby Groot to get Yondu’s prototype fin. Instead of having a fight scene where someone needs to to prove they can fight or whatever, we have Groot not being good at instructions. Which of course, pays off in the third act of the film. ALSO GROOT IS ADORABLE.

Then of course, one of the most amazing scenes in both films – Yondu walking through the ship and killing fucking everyone. Once again, such an amazing use of music. Rocket looking through the bullet hole in the door. Just so perfect. I also love the whole overwrought sequence with Yondu confronting Rocket about why he pushes him away. I mean, it’s a hilarious blue alien and a hilarious raccoon. It’s ridiculous and yet brilliant. They were such good complementary characters, but of course, no more *sad face.*

What the sequel does well is have the same tone and feel as the first film. But it didn’t feel *exactly* like the first film, which is great. It’s bigger and sillier but all within the bounds of what we know these characters can do. The only thing I can’t yet envision is how they are all going to interact with the Avengers in Infinity War. Like, will they have to tone it down or are they just going to go for it?

Everything about the final fight is ridiculous. But I don’t care. It’s a ridiculous film. I love the Mary Poppins reference, PacMan, Groot’s ungentlemanly language. Yondu being all parental. it’s all delightful. I’m enjoying this much more the second (potentially third time around).


Anyway. I love it. The end.

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