Marvel Rewatch: Doctor Strange

I’m not sure I remember the reception of Doctor Strange – I liked it though.

Doctor Strange has got a bit of a Tony Stark vibe going on doesn’t he? Charming but utterly full of himself. But probably validated by being brilliant at what he does.

What is kind of amazing about this film is how fast it just goes into it. It’s like 20 minutes and we get who he was, accident and his fall. It’s miraculously fast – especially compared to some of the length of time spent in Asgard with Thor. I guess they have to have speed through it to get to the whole training stuff later on.

The weird little float through time and space is a tiny bit odd though. I think on the big screen it was quite fun to watch, but on the rewatch you can see how this could age pretty badly over time. I guess it prepares you for the weirdness at the end.

Oh man. Wong. “Just Wong. Like Adele?” So good. Such a good foil.

The only problem I generally have with this film is that it’s a bit anti-rationalist. It’s breaking Stange’s rationality to surrender to mystical stuff. FINE. That’s the character. But as a hard-headed rationalist, it’s the last satisfying part of this film.

On the other side, I like how they play with whole thing. Strange’s acerbic comments cutting through some of the mystical names and rituals. I imagine, it’d have to, as without it the film would seem overly dour. Additionally, the costumes are pretty fabulous. So much swishing about. I love it.

No, I’m totally still digging this film. It’s got some odd bits, but don’t they all. I like that it embraces the nature of the comic but updates it for the film. I like the bizarre astral projection battle in the operating theatre. I fucking adore the cape. I love the swishing the cape about. The weird flippy about stuff going on in New York. Delightful.


Okay, I’m going to admit. I haven’t been writing because I have been enjoying the shit out of the film. It’s so delightfully bonkers. It’s just strange. It’s hard to believe they all have to exist in the same the same universe. I think at the end there must be some foreshadowing with Infinity War with the bill coming due for messing with time. I GUESS WE’LL SEE SOON ENOUGH!

I like the bit at the end where he goes to bargain. Such arrogance! But it works. It’s also kind of nice to have a film end which isn’t just an epic fight of the same type of character beating the shit out of the bad guy-clone (see Iron Man, Ant-Man etc).


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