Book review: A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians
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Book review: A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians

The novel has a pretty fun concept, basically the French Revolution but with magic. And that rights include the rights of commoners to wield their magic (parallel with voting rights see?) And we see the action from three points: Robespierre in France, Pitt and Wilberforce in London, and Toussaint (again through the eyes of Fina, who is a slave who escapes Jamaica). Continue reading

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Book review: Rebel footprints

Okay, everyone just buy this book because it is fabulous. Especially if you live in London and love its history. It’s 10 chapters of radical protest, documenting both campaign successes and failures throughout various bits of London – from Battersea to Bermondsey and Clerkenwell to Shoreditch. It is populated with the most amazing people, union … Continue reading