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Book review: Soon I will be Invincible

I can’t seem to bring myself to read another thing from the list lately. Most of them just seem too long and not that interesting. So I took a detour and read Soon I will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman. I’m not sure how or why I bought it but it existed on my Nexus and so I read it.

The plot centres around the villain (which I quite enjoyed) named Dr. Impossible. I kept imagining him as Dr. Horrible but without the music. It alternates between his perspective and one of the New Champions, a cyborg named Fatale. The story if about Dr. Impossible trying to take over the world, yet again.

I almost wanted him to win too, he was a pretty likeable supervillain. The superheroes are shown with a lot of flaws (they kind of remaind of me Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye.)

What was positively delightful about the book was how easy it passes the test.

I’d say that more than 50% of the characters are women (most of the superheroes are). The person who ultimately saves the day is a woman, 50% of the perspetive is from Fatale, one of the most powerful characters and the leader of the New Champions is a woman. It was effortless. EFFORTLESS.

I enjoyed the interplay between the New Champions and all their various problems. Viewing the New Champions’s through Fatale’s eyes was a good way to examine the difference in types of Superheros. It was just a really intersting perspective on the whole superhero idea.

I recommend this book! 9/10 for awesome and loses 1 star for a couple amazingly terrible typos that completely took me out of the narrative.

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