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All the Peace of Westphalia action

Yesterday we had a double dose of Peace of Westphalia tourism – we were in Münster as mentioned yesterday but we also made a stop in Osnabrück.

The Peace of Westphalia was made up of several treaties

1 – The Treaty of Münster which ended the 80 years war between the Dutch Republic and Spain as well as the hostilities between the Holy Roman Emperor and France (and her allies).

2 – The Treat of Osnabrück which ended hostilities between the Holy Roman Empire (different from Emperor, you see), France, Sweden (and their allies).

Each of the townhalls (or Rathaus) had a room dedicated to the peace (called aFriedenssaal) which portraits of all the dignataries that helped negotiate the settlement.

Here’s the room in Münster.

And here’s the one in Osnabrück (with my face).

They were both amazing. Here’s James nerding out on the stairs of the Osnabrück townhall where the Peace of Westphalia was declared! How cool is that? (Very, if you are me or James).

Also, we can’t do without a picture of the treaty itself. There were many copies and I’ve seen other ones but I adore all the wax seals.

Also, peace handle!

Never was such a nerdy day had.

I would have posted this earlier but we’ve had a distinct lack of good wifi to upload anything at all.

We’re currently in a town called Hevelte. We were going to spend the day in Leeuwarden but it was so closed this Easter Sunday we we’re driving around the countryside instead and hopefully going to see the LOFAR array.

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