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Book review: The Princess Diarist

I picked up Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist in the now traditional pre-flght browse in WH Smith’s. I had already packed several books but when does that ever stop anyone?

Up to this point, I had never read any of Carrie Fisher’s books, but now will promptly add them to my reading list. Her writing style is so conversational and so very funny. Which made this quite an interesting book as it is also kind of bittersweet and melancholic. As the title suggests, it is Star Wars related, based on the diaries she wrote during the filming of A New Hope. It is mostly about the relationship with a certain co-star, documenting how insecure she was about a lot of things! It is a little heartbreaking, by the end I basically wanted to steal a time machine and befriend 19-year old Carrie Fisher.

It was interesting to read how she ended up in film while somewhat trying to avoid it. She grew up with seeing what happens post-fame and also with tabloids – having lived through her father leaving her mother for none other than Elizabeth Taylor. I mean, oh my god. I vaguely remember reading that before but the complete weirdness comes out in the lead up to the main part of the book. 

It was very sad in parts as she would reference ‘when I’ve died’ which made me tear up a bit (and now seems prescient rather than a joke). But overall it is a quick and very fun read, and gives you insight into how Star Wars affected one of its stars. Totally recommend (especially on holiday).

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