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Book review: Not your sidekick

This was alright! I mean, it was young adult so it was transparently obvious what was happening. (Is that a usual thing with YA? I don’t read much of it.) C B Lee’s characters were adorable and likeable and it had a gentle plot twist which could make a sequel interesting.

So the plot is about a post-disaster earth, where a massive solar flare:

  • caused World War Three
  • gave some humans super powers

The main character, Jess Tran, is the daughter of two immigrant C-Class super heros (their powers don’t last long before they have to ‘recharge’). She is desperate to be a superhero herself but doesn’t exhibit any particular powers. Her sister is an A-Class superhero and her brother a genius – she feels a bit like the family black sheep.

While devastated, she accepts the inevitable and applies for an internship at Monroe Robotics, where by coincidence her school crush (Abby Jones) is also an intern.

Shenanigans ensue! Villainous plots uncovered, assumptions overturned!

Anyway, it is pretty adorable though about an 9/10 on the absolute fluffy scale (it kinds of reminds me of Resistance is Futile in that way.) If you want a gentle, fluffy frolic without too much effort, be sure to pick it up. I mean, it is absolutely obvious what is happening the entire time, but was still nice.

It’s also lovely in the sense that it has immigrants as heroes. As well, the fact that Jess likes Abby is like a non-thing. It’s just assumed that this is a normal and fine thing. Which is delightful.

I would probably pick up the sequel if I saw it (and if there is one). I enjoyed the world building and would be interested to see what happens with where it left off.

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