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Book review: Resistance is Futile

I have many feels about this book. I can’t really tell you why because it would basically ruin the ending for you. BUT OMG THE FEELS.
So Resistance is Futile by Jenny T Colgan is pretty straight forward plot-wise. It’s very easy to read (I basically read it in a morning commute + evening). There isn’t anything spectacular about it, but it is pretty fun.

The plot revolves around some very smart mathematics professors, all gathered to decipher some signals from space. You can see where this is going. BUT THEN! It takes you a bit sideways.

Parts of it I really liked. I found the collegial nerdery quite funny. However, when the plot shifts into the final gear, I think the character development goes a little too fast. One character gets a whole lot more articulate too quickly. The main character, Connie, I think just goes a bit too high strung for how her character acted throughout most of the book.

But the sentiments are nice. It really tugs on the old heart strings by the end and, as I mentioned, had many feels that I can’t articulate without giving too much away. It has a good cast as well: two main female protaganists, 2 who aren’t white (both men) and 2 main characters who are white men. Lots of the random other characters are white (and men) as it’s all security and what not.

I think this would be the type of book to read on an airplane, or holiday. It doesn’t ask too much of you but it’s very pleasant. 3/5 stars for pleasant.

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