Comics round up #2

Hawkeye: Little hits
Matt Fraction, David Aja

I loved the trade paperback of Hawkeye: My life as a weapon and I loved this. Clint just gets into ALL the trouble – with gangsters, with his friends, with his girlfriend, with the Avengers. It’s complex but also astoundingly funny. There is one panel where he just goes “Aww, car” that made me bust out laughing. Also, the last story which is from…let’s say an interesting viewpoint was wonderfully done. Pick this stuff up. 10/10 for being so funny but also brilliant.

All Star Superman
Grant Morrison, Jamie Grant

When I was in Canada, we went to the Silver Snail, which anyone going to Toronto should go have a wander in when they are there. The lovely comic shop dudes recommended All Star Superman (amongst other things which made my luggage heavier). It did not disappoint. It was a really interesting premise – Superman gets more powers because of a close encounter by the sun. But it could also kill him. Meanwhile Lex Luthor plots and various other shenanigans happen. It was excellent and a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a few hours.

Saga: Volume 3
Brian K Vaughan, Fiona Staples

I will never get tired of this series. It is so good. We continue with prince robots, bounty hunters and ex-financee’s going after Marko, Alana and Hazel. It felt a little like this was closing the opening act. Things get wrapped up, different priorities start to shift into focus and some people die. I can’t wait until the next one – it has been my favourite series in ages and I want to know what the next episodes will bring.

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