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Book review: The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

I think this was a bit too YA for me, I really need to look closer at who these books are directed at before I buy them.

The premise is really interesting, Romy is 14 and on a spaceship headed towards another star system. She’s the captain of the ship, after a series of unfortunate events leave everyone else on the ship dead. But, excitingly another, faster ship as been launched so she won’t be alone for very much longer.

I appreciate the the author wanted to leave some suspense for the reader, but I found the unfolding story too slow, especially when it’s mainly messages between Romy and J, the person in the other ship. There’s a bit too much fanfic about her favourite television show and not enough of anything else happening to make it interesting.

There’s then a twist at the end, that makes it a bit more interesting, but not enough to cover for the 150 pages proceeding it being rather dull. Also, I found it a little bit improbable, but that’s just me.

Anyway, I’m being very vague because the plot is so threadbare that any details will 100% spoil the ending. I think I’d recommend it for someone much younger than me.

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