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Book review: A History of What Comes Next

Well it’s been a minute.

I think I’ve been a bit stuck as I started a book but realised it was the second in the series, so am torn between reading the first in the series or just truck on. I think I also just don’t like the book enough to bother. Maybe I’ll give it up and start it again another day. But that’s that book.

This book was a pretty good read. It’s not really alternative history, but it’s using history to tell another story of the mysterious Kibsu – women with incredible strength and knowledge but who are apparently stranded on earth. They never number more than three and all look identical as they grow older. They are being chased by the ‘Tracker’ through the world and through the centuries.

It had very familiar people and times (a big plot line centres on World War Two and the space race afterwards), but the characters (Mia and Sara are the main two) are very easy to read and to like. It’s such an easy read, and since I’m a space nerd I quite liked how their stories intertwined with the development of manned space flight. The other part of the story is Mia trying to rationalise what they are (and what they can do) with what they are fighting for. I’m hoping this thread will continue through the second novel, as I think makes the book more interesting than alternative histories.

I thought the revelation, which wasn’t so much a revelation as a slow reveal through the novel, was also really good. It leaves some more mystery for the next novel, without ruining the ending of this one.

It was nice to finally finish a book again.

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