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Book review: Fugitive Telemetry

If anyone has read my previous reviews of the Murderbot Diaries novel and novellas, then they would be able to calculate with fairly high probability that I will love the latest edition to the series, Fugitive Telemetry. And they would be right, just like SecUnit is right (most of the time) about people being dumb and something bad about to happen.

Just like the previous instalments, we follow our reluctant hero, this time on Preservation Station helping station security track down a killer. The same delightful awkwardness of having to deal with unfamiliar humans is there, with more than a little snark. I think SecUnit is definitely getting tired of people not treating it as, well, people. I think there is character growth as well, it’s learning how to (mostly) interact with humans better. This time it has to navigate station security and all the people involved in the investigation.

There are so many delightful one liners, swearing and unflattering views of humans and their ways, but also SecUnit just being relentlessly competent, yet selfless in its own way.

I keep thinking how it would be great to have it made into some sort of Netflix series, as it’s so episodic and funny. Anyway, if you haven’t read this series by now, you really should. It’s just brilliant and funny, snappy and to the point. I really enjoy dipping into the universe and visiting with SecUnit for a little bit. The author manages to make the stories compelling every time, and remix elements of the previous novellas so everything feels probable and not just made up to be the mcguffin in the latest story.

Just like I’m replaying Mass Effect for the whatever-amount time, I think when I’m settled in my new house, I might do a whole re-read through of this series. It’s just perfect in every way. Also there’s a Sanctuary Moon t-shirt? Need.

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