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Book review: Silk and Steel

This was a kickstartered anthology (which I contributed to), with the speculative tropes of a man rescuing a woman (and them falling for each other), but in this case they are both women. I feel these lean more towards the fantasy elements of speculative fiction, though there are a few sci-fi stories as well.

Regardless, it was a super enjoyable anthology. So many of the stories are so wonderfully told, with quite vivid world building and interesting characters, all in a very compact package of a short story. I pretty much enjoyed almost every single one, with only a couple feeling either a bit cloying or cheesy.

I don’t really want to give away any spoilers, and since they are so short, I feel like I’d do a disservice to anyone picking up the book. So I’ll just let you know which ones I thought were best.

Most of my favourites were super funny, such as “Danger Noodle”, “Plan Z”, “Elinor Jones vs. the Ruritanian Multiverse”, and “The Epic Fifth Wedding Anniversary of Zaynne The Barbarian and Tikka the Accountant. ” I can’t help it, I love funny, comic stories! These had such great central characters and made me laugh, either through the situations or the characters themselves. They were just very fun to read.

Others were amazing for the complex and rich story that was woven, such as “Chicago Iron”, “In the Salt Crypts of Ghiarelle”,“The City Unbreachable.” I was just amazed at the artistry at crafting these stories and they all made me wish there was an entire novel to read with all of them.

I think the most lovely one, that was genuinely beautiful was “Little Birds”. The descriptions, the relationship of the two central characters, and the ending. Genuinely lovely and tugged at my heart strings.

Anyway I left some off, but I think there are stories for everyone. And it’s delightful, absolutely recommend.

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