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Book review: Sisters of the Vast Black

I am not going to write a long review because I just flew from Orlando to London via Chicago and I AM TIRED. However, I did finish reading this on the first plane to Chicago.

The broad plot oft his novella revolves around a convent of nuns who travel in space! They have a living ship and the first discussion in the novel revolves around whether they should let it mate or not! Ha! Theology. The convent fly around and administer various rites and medical services to colonists. There’s reference to a huge, massively destructive war as well.

The nuns are diverse enough, but as I started reading it in a queue at Disneyland I found them all a bit interchangeable and would have to go back a few pages an remember who the person was. However, I think I had them sussed at the end. I would basically start it in a less busy place to avoid that problem.

I think my favourite part is the convent trying to avoid rendezvousing with a new priest (basically they are a pretty independent group). When he finally catches up with them he’s a prissy coward in comparison to the nuns.

Anyway, not much to say other than I really enjoyed it. The novella was super quick to read and I really liked the ending. There was enough hints that it didn’t seem too ridiculous. So enjoyable, I’d really like a full length novel in that universe.

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