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Book review: Grave Importance



So Grave Importance is the third book in the Dr. Greta Helsing novels, after Strange Practice and Dreadful Company and it’s zany and wonderful and adorable.

We once again follow the exploits of our favourite humans and vampires (and occasionally some demons as well). Greta is filling in as medical director at a mummy wellness spa in France, where a strange phenomenon is making the mummies weak and dizzy. When the intrepid characters find out what is going on, it’s on a scale that no one can handle, not even all the denizens of Hell itself.

But in the meantime, you get Greta and Varney being so adorable and I love them so much. You also get bonus Ruthven and Grisaille being painfully hip and adorable too. But at the centre of it is the unfolding mystery and the catastrophic consequences of it all. I both enjoyed and rolled my eyes slightly at the ending. I loved how it wrapped up all the weirdness that was happening in the two previous books but at the same time, it was all a bit Deus ex Machina. But I guess its fine, it isn’t beyond the pale in this universe but I would have loved our plucky heroes to fix it once again. It was a bit more fast and loose with the plot than the other novels, but still within the rules of the universe itself. I guess it didn’t feel as tight as the other novels but it was so big and expansive and so much shit needed to happen, that I suppose I forgive it for that. Basically, I have so much good faith for the series that I just went with it.

Anyway, so much adorable Greta and Varney time, so I really can’t complain. I will complain if these are all the novels we ever get set in this universe, because it is a really delightful place to spend some time. I loved that we get to visit Hell and meet Dr. Faustus in this novel and that Greta continues to nerd out over everything weirdly medical.

Basically, it was a lovely end in the series arc, with lots of happy and weird endings. I won’t mind if there aren’t more novels, as it has a very satisfying conclusion. That aside, if there’s another three arc series I will definitely read the crap out of them too.


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