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Book review: Queens of Geek

And lo! The penultimate Read Harder book: number 13 – a book by or about someone that identifies as neurodiverse.

The novel is about three friends from Australia who go to SupaCon in Los Angeles:

  • Charlie, YouTube vlogger/actress who just had a surprise hit
  • Taylor, Queen Firestone super fan (and the character that identifies as neurodiverse with anxiety and Aspergers)
  • Jamie, photographer and friend of Taylor and Charlie

They’re at the convention so Charlie can do press for her film, but also to nerd out about everything geek culture. It was a lot likeĀ Ready Player One with the epic amount of geek culture references. I’m assuming they based it off something like ComicCon, which made me super nostalgic!

The book was a super easy read and pretty adorable. Sometimes some of the right on digressions took you out of the story a little bit, but overall the positive messaging was really sweet. Taylor’s character arc was really lovely, all the characters in general seemed like awesome humans.

There’s also super adorable love stories between Taylor and Jamie and Charlie and another YouTube vlogger/actress.

I wonder if it’ll age well, like it was just so “now” with Tumblr, YouTube and just contemporary geek culture (aside from what I assume is a fictional series of novels), that in another decade it might be a bit confusing.

I don’t know what else to add! They went to a con, there was kissing, there was a douchebag named Reese!

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