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Book review: Usagi Yojimbo no. 29

This feels a little bit like cheating, but a book of Manga was on the read harder list. It just so happens I have read a lot of Usagi Yojimbo (28 volumes and Space Usagi).

For the uninitiated, Usagi is a ronin and travels throughout the land, often helping out those in need or just generally getting into trouble. It’s based on the Edo Period in Japan but all the characters are different animals (with most natives of Japan itself). The usual format is a short story, sometimes with familiar characters and usually taking out some bandits. That was definitely the vibe with a couple of these stories,

However, there was a very enjoyable mystery with Inspector Ishida and the murder of a paper merchant (with Usagi as a side kick of course), who has featured in the series before. However, the story I enjoyed the most was the last one, which was an attempted arson of a soya sauce brewery. Mainly because it reminded me of one of the episodes of Salt, Fat, Heat and Acid on Netflix where they look into making soya sauce which was super enjoyable.

Anyway, Usagi is the best. He’s loveable and honourable but not afraid to use his swords. I love the universe Stan Sakai has created and how the series keeps going and going. This part of the Read Harder challenge was a good excuse to visit my old friend Usagi.

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