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Book review: Storm of Locusts

Storm of Locusts is the sequel to the amazing Trail of Lightening by Rebecca Roanhorse. If anything, I think it’s better than the original, but that might be because I know the world and characters. It was a bit stressful in the middle, but has a thrilling conclusion.

So, what happens?

Maggie, our wonderful heroine is dealing with the fall out of the last book, including shooting her best friend (Kai) and entombing her mentor in the ground. Kai, who she loves, is recovering from death (he can do that) at the All American but hasn’t been in touch. But then, she’s asked for help by Grace (the owner of the All American) and her kids to find someone who has gone missing…with Kai.

What happens afterwards is more amazing and exhilarating fantasy, this time outside the comforting walls of Dinétah. We meet some rather unsavoury characters and some old faces from the first book. But the main baddie is a man named Gideon who has his own clan powers. He was a really good villain, very enjoyable, with very creepy powers.

Also, this cover? Like amazing.



What continued to be great about this series was the world building. The normalcy of some aspects of the apocalyptic afterlife, alongside scheming gods and horrible baddies. I love that we find more people with clan powers as well. The descriptions of the places the bad ass girl gang of Rissa, Ben and Maggie (all girls, I assure you) just jump fully formed into my brain. It’s just such an effortless and pleasant read. Well, mostly pleasant, some bits are stressful.

The heart of the book is still Maggie though. Maggie being too hard on herself and being in agony about Kai. But also still being so completely and thoroughly bad ass (even more bad ass.) She is definitely one of my favourite characters of recent years.

Anyway, totally a fabulous series and when there is a third book, I am going to nominate the heck of it for the Hugos. Seriously, pick these books up if you haven’t already.

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