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Book review: The Tea Master and the Detective

Oh man! What a brilliant short story! So brilliant that I’m annoyed it’s only a short story, just like “A Dead Djinn in Cairo.”

It’s basically speculative fiction meets Sherlock Holmes. And it totally works. Oh yeah, and one of the characters is a ship. LOVE IT.

So, the two main characters are Long Chau (the Sherlock Holmes character) and The Shadow’s Child, who is a mindship, not sure how it works but it works. Basically human-esque sentience but is also a ship that can can travel into deep space, where weird shit happens. Oh, and The Shadow’s Child also basically has PTSD.

Long Chau is very abrasive but brilliant and is herself, very mysterious. She was super fun to read.


Anyway, there is a mystery to unravel. Long Chau pays for the services of The Shadow’s Child to create a blend that will allow her to function in deep space (the Tea Master element of the title). But the ship gets wrapped up in the mystery and has to confront some of her problems by the end.

I loved the dialogue and rapport that they both had, I loved the universe, I loved the mystery, I loved the resolution.

I do not love that I’ve finished it and that there doesn’t appear to be a full length novel. NEED MORE PLEASE.

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