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Book review: Firebug

This book was perfectly average. It was interesting in places, it dragged in places, it was fine.

The plot revolves around Ava, a young woman who can create and control fire. She has been forced to work for the Coterie, a magical mafia headed by a psychopath vampire named Venus. They have a flashy bar, ooOOOOOoo.

For way too long at the beginning of the book, we get introduced into this magical world (mixed in with the normal world), by her having to go off and do jobs for Venus, with her team (Ezra, a were-fox and Lock, half-dryad). Ava often complains about how unfair things are, often stating the same bloody thing half a dozen times. Omg, this booked needed a harsh edit. Her friends are super hot, but they are just friends, you see.

Finally, things start to happen and basically Ava and her team go on the run from Venus. We meet other magical people and there’s a big fight. There’s one vague hint at holding Ava as a sexual slave to breed more people with her powers, which was annoying. Like did we really need that, I really don’t think we did.

Everything is a tiny bit convenient because people with magical powers that can help them defeat Venus keep helpfully appearing. There is, of course, a convenient, non magical person available as a hostage to create the final showdown and voila. Perfectly average.

As well, there some teenage drama with boys, which was dreadfully unsatisfying but I imagine gets concluded in the sequel (Pyromantic). 

Like, basically. If you have the flu or a nasty cold, and you just want to read some absolute fluff of filler, then this is your book. It requires very little effort, though perhaps too much effort for such little reward. I mean, it’s fine. Like, perfectly serviceable but ultimately forgettable.

Get it from a library maybe?

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