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Book review: Ms Marvel (2006-2010)

You would think that writers would have moved on from the same boring tropes of the 1970s by the 2000s, but mostly, you’d be wrong.

We start the run with Carol taking sides in Civil War with Tony Stark and the registration act. Ms Marvel is leading a strike team to capture super powered people who aren’t registered and committing crimes (or not). That story line was somewhat interesting as she has to Go from being behind the registration act, but then having to deal with the consequences of her actions.

However, from there on we go back to the same old questioning Ms Marvel, it was really annoying. Why does she always question herself? I don’t remember other super hero’s constantly going around in circles around who she is and her powers. It’s so dull, so very dull.

We even get a slight return to her having a split personality again (like with the first 1970s) volumes but this time due to some changing of reality (a little bit). I like going back to the source material but when it is so annoying and somewhat sexist, I wish they’d try something new.

There was some also awful overt sexism and constant references to her body (if she disliked it so much, why the fuck is she essentially wearing a bathing suit and thigh high boots?)

Also, there were also a few too many references to doing horrible things to women and/or Ms Marvel. This always just makes me annoyed that sexual violence/rape is used as throw away plot points.

Also, why is Machine Man so…creepily weird?

What is this fucking reference about being fat? LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?

The main problem with the whole run is that its somewhat disjointed, with too many different plot arcs (going on on the wider Marvel universe), first with Civil War and then Secret Invasion. It really doesn’t give much space for Ms Marvel to have her own arc or interesting story to tell. Instead, it’s just fighting random people who have it out for her, rather than her being a super hero.

Also there’s the return of the stupid dating anguish and her stupid fucking publicist. I really fucking hate that there’s a publicist mixed up with her story, it seems so daft. It only seems to serve the constantly theme of her questioning herself and being insecure.

I guess we’ll see what happens with Captain Marvel, which I’ve finally go to. New costume! New writers! Am I just looking back on it with rose tinted glasses or was it as a good as I remember?

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