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Book review: Marvel Masterworks – Ms Marvel vol. 2

Holy shit.

I know I said that I didn’t have high hopes for the second volume to be less sexist, but I didn’t expect it to be way more sexist. I mean, bloody hell.

So in volume 2, we get the return of DEATH BIRD (who is beginning to grow on me) but otherwise there’s more not-seen-in-this-series-villains. It seemed a little less revolving door of terrible villains, but just by a little bit. There’s far less Carol vs Ms Marvel too-ing and fro-ing which was soooo nice.  There’s no real story arc though to keep everything together, just random fights and villains. We also get a new Ms Marvel costume (which is the more iconic lightening bolt that we’re used to).

However, there’s so much that popped out as just so staggeringly sexist.

Firstly, the two men who have affections for her have zero personal boundaries. Take Frank Gianelli, committing casual sexual assault wherever he goes.


What a douche. And then later….in the same issue….


NO MEANS NO FRANK. But he doesn’t learn.


But that’s nothing on Mike (part-time psychiatrist, occasional date, and now mega-asshole). He just wanders around for a few panels going “I want to marry Carol etc” when they haven’t even (to our eyes) had even one successful date.

And then…


You go right to hell, Mike. You’re a terrible psychiatrist and a worse human being. Like hell you could stop Ms. Marvel.

There were lots of WOMAN, YOU CAN’T DEFEAT ME. Again. And again. And again. Not to mention some sleazy ogling. “That Ms Marvel has some great moves” says one SHIELD Agent with the other replying “Among other things.” UGH.

There were also sooooo many things about how she looks.

IMG_0008 2.PNG

Oh for fuck sakes. Literally not a person, hero or otherwise would be self-conscious when a) having a premonition that this asshat was out to kill them b) had already been shot at a bunch of times by this asshat c) had some Avengers also trying to take of aforementioned asshat.

But it continues.

IMG_0016.PNGIMG_0011 2.PNG

She’s literally never worried about bruises when she gets punched, lasered, thrown through buildings, blown up, choked, almost drowned or whatever else happens in a battle. But oh my god. Gaining weight. What the actual fuck writers.

And we also get more insight into her awful father. Jesus Christ, HOW IS SHE EVEN TALKING TO HIM ANYMORE?

IMG_0010 2.PNG

Anyway, not a good read for keeping the blood pressure low. I think in some ways it was a better comic, it felt less fraught than the previous volume. However, it other ways its so much worse as it just constantly undermines her character in weird ways. Ugh. Anyway, I think we flip ahead a few decades, hopefully that will help things.

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