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Book review: Occupy Me

I liked about 95% of this book. Sadly, the last 5% just felt a bit muddled.

So what’s it about? That’s…difficult to summarise in a way that makes sense.

There’s a woman named Pearl. Except she’s an angel. Well. She has wings like an angel, but she doesn’t actually know what she is or where she came from. But she knows that someone has stolen something from her and that thing is now in the shape of a briefcase, in the possession of Kisi Sorle. But it’s…sort of not Dr Kisi Sorle, orthopaedic surgeon but something else that occasionally inhabits him.

So it’s part mystery, part weird-sci-fi fun. And it’s a pretty compelling read – even when most of the mystery is revealed. At that point you’re invested in some of the peripheral issues which is in peril. Also, Pearl is a delight. I mean, you just want her to succeed at everything she does. She was just so buoyant. She and Alison the veterinarian (you’ll have to read to find out how they meet) are just delightful characters.

And that’s the bits that I loved about the novel. The characters are all so lovely and many of them are women. They are all interesting and courageous in different ways which makes them an absolute delight to read. There are lots of other good diversity things going on as well, but I won’t give them a way as I think it’s better to come across it.

The only part I didn’t like was the resolution at the end. I think it was just a bit muddled. There were a lot of different concepts floating around throughout the entire book but they were somewhat anecdotal. They didn’t form a core of the story. But then all this stuff at the end, with the unravelling of the central mystery, basically layered a lot of stuff on really heavy and quickly. And it just lost me a bit. As well, I didn’t find Pearl’s resolution 100% satisfactory and felt she deserved something…more in keeping with her character.

But it was fun and interesting. Maybe if I hadn’t stayed up late reading I would have liked the ending better. Maybe I’ll re-read the last few chapters and see if I change my mind. I think if you like some high sci-fi concepts and a bit of mystery, you should give it a go.

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