Film review: Solo – A Star Wars Story (spoilers)

As it’s only just be released, please understand that there are SPOILERS.

First off: what a delight. Just a delightful space romp with hi-jinx and shenanigans. But it wasn’t without its flaws and I would say is pretty light-weight as far as these types of films go.

But lets have a think.

There were a couple of things that I think weren’t amazing about the film.

The first was an almost unforgivable plot point (minor to be fair) where a tracking beacon is attached to a ship (okay, the ship is the Millennium Falcon). So fine, this would be perfectly reasonable…except that after that is attached and before they track the ship, they almost get sucked into basically a black hole – with shit bouncing off the ship, some TIE Fighters shooting at them and the gravity sucking shit off the ship. I dunno, lads, but I think it is highly unlikely that it wouldn’t have been knocked off.


The other thing was that I felt that they have really blown all the Han Solo trivia in one go. I mean, surely he didn’t just talk about *that* one job for his entire life. Winning the Falcon. Check. Making the Kessel Run. Check. The gun. Check. The belt. Check. Meeting Chewie. Check.

So it was a bit lightweight and didn’t really have much character development. Han is essentially fully formed and the film just allows him to show (without a huge amount of effort) that he is a great pilot. They tee it up just a tad, but it’s all a bit too easy. There isn’t a lot of growth and its just a series of jobs (though, there is a little bit, especially with the pay off at the end of the film).

But it’s still a delightful film. There are some delightful sequences. I mean, the Kessel Run was fucking wonderful. That whole bloody sequence from them carrying out a heist to escaping was just so much fun to watch.

Also, there is L3, a droid that is Lando’s co-pilot. Who is fucking brilliant. She’s basically a force representing oppressed droids everywhere. They did not drop their droids being the best characters game at all.

My favourite line is when Lando’s leaving the cockpit and asks, “Can I get you anything?” and L3 replies, “Equality.” OMG I FUCKING LOVE HER. She also does some other brilliant things and is one of the best parts of this entire film. I am going to get a t-shirt as someone makes one.

Lando is also *perfect*. Smarmy and charming in equal measure. Full of swagger and self-confidence. An excellent foil for Han. Can we have a Lando and L3 prequel now because I would watch that on repeat.

But its also just fun. It’s got action and chasing and Han being cocky. You can believe that this is what a young Han would be like, utterly reckless and full of himself. But he learns as well, which pays off in the last act. I really enjoyed the deception between all the characters at the end. I enjoyed Emilia Clarke and her character being complex and interesting and pretty fucking bad ass.

It possibly has too many references to other films for my liking but they all made me laugh, so maybe it was fine. I did laugh an awful lot. I was full of MIRTH, which is probably a good thing. I enjoyed seeing the start of the Rebellion with Enfys Nest (a thorn in the side of the team that Solo is pulling the heists with).  And even though I think it’s probably not as good a film as Rogue One, I think I liked Solo better. Maybe it’s because it has a happier ending (well, mostly a happier ending). Again, it was just fun. Fluffy, but really, really fun.

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