Marvel Rewatch: Guardians of the Galaxy

I am going to preface this with I’ve cycled 40 miles today and really want a nap.

Man, the beginning of this film is just so quick! One scene for a back story and then we’re off space adventuring.

Then it’s just sequence after sequence, lining up all the characters in the film in quick succession. But it’s not overwhelming. We now Quill is stealing a thing, double crosses someone and then a bunch of other people want that thing.

But it’s just FUN. All the various banter, the whole going to jail sequence, the music. It’s just DELIGHTFUL. It’s so different and interesting than the rest of the Marvel Films. It could have failed in so many ways – Thanos, Ronin, Rocket, Groot etc. There’s so much that needed to go right and they just made it so engaging and amusing.

ALSO GROOT. His face. All the time. Such a delightful face.

There’s so much to love about this film. The only potential criticisms would be the normal: why is Ronin so obsessed with killing people. I mean, fine, he’s a terrorist. But other than that, why so genocidal Ronin?

The other thing is all the whizzy-whig stuff happening hides that at the heart of the film, it is a pretty simple plot. And also Drax thinking he could take on Ronin, calling him so they come to the planet – very silly.

But fine, really, it doesn’t get in the way of the story or the fun. It also allows the whole team to really come together, make up their difference and be the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The ending battle sequence is also pretty amazing. There’s so much happening in such a small amount of time. Yet, it all works together. And then Groot at the end, in the…Groot Ball….ALL THE FEELS.

Anyway, so sleepy. Had some dinner and now even more sleepy. SUCH A GOOD FILM. THE END.



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