Marvel Rewatch: Thor

OMG how young is everyone?

Also, how much of a twat is Thor? I mean, I realise that it is his character arc is to realise that he’s a bit of a twat, but omg. He really is a bit of a hot-headed, ego-driven, sulky child in the first part. Also, just grumpy as hell when he arrives on earth. He’s not a good person.

Also, his friends ARE TERRIBLE. They totally should have been like “wait a minute, buddy, this is a terrible idea.” TERRIBLE FRIENDS.

ALSO, omg, Loki! So young! Also, his whole innocent act. WE KNOW WHAT YOU BECOME LOKI, THAT DOESN’T WORK ON ME. He’s such a delightful bastard. Though, his ultimate delightful bastardness doesn’t come until Avengers. He is my favourite.

Also, how can Odin make a bi-frost, by himself? There’s also another inconsistency, or a clever re-using of how Odin spins the truth. There’s all that chat about not making war, but we know in in Ragnarok that he’s done some pretty epic warring before Thor and Loki came along.  BAD ODIN.

Oh look! Hawkeye! I forgot he was in this, albeit very briefly. I love Hawkeye.


Thor is still pretty enjoyable. I found the opening bit a tad cringeworthy, just because it’s so over the top. But once Thor settles down a bit, it starts to get fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and the funny bits are genuinely laugh out loud funny. I mean, the second time they hit him the with the car? Brilliant.

However, it’s nice when it gets a bit serious as well. The entire sequence where he tries to get the hammer and then ultimately can’t lift it is compelling. You know that getting kicked out of Asgard was bad, but then when he can’t get Mjolnir back, that’s when you know Thor realises what’s happened to him. It’s the first time you really feel sorry for him. It also nicely brings down the over-the-top tone.

Then you get hit with Loki being so sweet but ULTIMATELY REALLY BAD. But he’s SO FUN. I mean, he really fucks with Thor. A total one-two punch. “Odin’s dead, mom hates you, you can’t come back because you fucked with the frost giants. All this, totally your fault Thor.” *Side eye to camera*

What is also quite good is the pacing. You get just enough character growth and then BOOM. Finale. And that’s where Thor shows the most growth. He rescues all the people, then his friends, and then goes to face his destiny. AND THEN HAMMER TIME. Quickly followed by adorable Jane-Thor time. Quickly followed by Loki-Thor fight time. MORE LOKI SMARMY FACE TIME. He is totally one of the best Marvel villains.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty ridiculous film (I mean, it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh) but how would it not be? It’s Thor and Asgard and a magic hammer and all that ridiculousness. If you don’t embrace it, where would you be?

It feels less Marvel-y in a way because of how much introduction you need to Asgard and the Nine Realms. It’s a different flavour than something like Iron Man or Captain America. But I guess, you have to deal with it. I like in the later films when there is less Asgard but Thor and Loki still show up and do good/bad as appropriate.

Though there is one very annoying inconsistency. I mean, Odin at the very beginning sends him through to earth without the Bifrost (presumably) but then he can’t go see Jane. Why? So irritating. It’s the same damn movie. FINE. GOOD FOR A SEQUEL. But ultimately, annoying.

Anyway, 100% smarmy, cheesy, ridiculous fun.

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