Marvel Rewatch: Iron Man 2

I think this is viewed as one of the worst Marvel films and re-watching it, you really can see why. It’s a bad imitation of the first film, which was efficient and fun. This one is somewhat tone deaf and you feel like Stark learned virtually nothing from any of the events that took place in Iron Man.

It somewhat redeems itself in the third act, but I felt like they trampled over the mechanics established in the first film.

The bad

  1.  So, in the first few minutes of this film, bad guys replicates the miniaturised arc reactor. Which, at the end of the first Iron Man we know that lots of smart scientists couldn’t do the same thing. UGGGGGHH. As I noted in my Incredible Hulk, I find this super annoying. What cheap, boring storytelling.
  2. I also found the palladium poisoning a bit lame. I know you need some reason for things to happen in films, but this was all a bit superficial and boring. Would the arc reactor in his chest really draw that much power that they’d have to replace them every time he used the suit? Like, that sure didn’t happen in the first film and it sure doesn’t happen for Rhodes?
  3. What is with Stark opening ogling Black Widow right in front of Pepper. Aren’t they almost a thing? Hasn’t that happened? What’s with him constantly undermining her and disrespecting her. Basically, I don’t know why she puts up with him.
  4. What was that whole awkward bants with Hammer before the car race??!
  5. I dunno, I think being hit by a car several times in a row would probably kill anyone. Even if you have electro-whip things.
  6. And why would you stand close enough to the guy to get hit by his stupid electro-whip chains? Surely flying up a bit and just blasting him from on high is the most tactically advantageous position (maybe Tony is just shit at tactics?)
  7. Literally, what the hell is with that prison in Monaco? Like, they let Tony go have a chat and then let a prisoner escape with some explosives and convenient body double?
  8. WTF is it with Hammer? I mean, he’s a tosser, but a tosser who a) facilitates a prison escape b) facilitates a murder c) employs a clearly bat-shit crazy person to make weapons. I mean, when he also just hack you’re computer system in 2 seconds do you really want this man running your operation? Wouldn’t you be a tiny bit concerned? He’s fired and then almost immediately unfired. UGH. CONSISTENCY.
  9. How can Rhodes just take a suit? Doesn’t it in run with Jarvis? Couldn’t Tony just say fuck you, and shut down the AI on it? How does Rhodes know how to instantly fly it and use all the things in it?

Basically, this film takes everything that the first film set up – for Tony to have some growth, to learn from his mistakes, to mend relationships – and then just throws it away for a very dumb and uninspiring story.

The good

  1. The line, “not everyone runs on batteries Tony.”
  2. Iron Man eating donuts in a Giant Donut.
  3. Nick Fury.
  4. Still enjoyed all the flipping around hologram action.
  5. Corona park (even more so now that I’ve been!

But ultimately, Black Widow. Isn’t she amazing? She just steals every scene she’s in. Also, the end scene with her infiltrating Hammer’s facility – she’s just totally bad ass. I mean, how has she not had her own film? COME ON MARVEL.

I also enjoyed the scene in the big dome when they take out all the drones. Lovely. But then it is quickly ruined by a guy being able to replicate the iron man suit YET AGAIN. I did also find the incredible speed at being able to create/modify technology a wee over the absurd in this movie. I did buy it in the first one but modifying 2 iron man suits, creating a drone army, those flashy-whip things and new element…bit much.

Anyway, loses some of the efficiency of the first and then is overly reliant on all the worst elements from Iron Man. It is almost impossible to overcome the absurdness of it all, even with Black Widow, Nick Fury and the increasing glimmers of a wider universe. So far, it definitely deserves its rap as one of the worst of the franchise.

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