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Book review: Provenance

So, I loooove Ann Leckie and the entire universe she has created. I think Breq is one of my favourite characters in all the books I’ve read.

Provenance takes place after the events of events of the Imperial Radch trilogy. Some of the events are referred to, mostly the conclave with the artificial intelligences. However, it’s an entirely different story. It’s the same universe, but one of the other human worlds.

We mostly follow Ingray, who embarks on an audacious scheme to make her brother look like an idiot. All in attempt to become the inheritor of her mother’s name (and position).  However, things don’t go…entirely as planned…okay, it doesn’t go AT ALL a planned.


Anyway, I enjoyed it. But I’ll first get to what left me wondering.

It felt like this book was a bridge into exploring more of the politics going on in that universe. It felt like there’s a larger story about the Presger and the conclave that’s starting to be assembled. So while it was complete on its own, you know there’s something larger happening and so it left me wondering…what’s next?

But the story while it was happening was lovely. Ingray is full of doubts and fears but is brave and cunning and humane. It was enjoyable to follow her throughout the book. The host of other characters were interesting and strange, from the prisoner she frees, to the ship captain, to the assortment of aliens who all seem to fit into the narrative.

It was really the final act that showed Ingray’s true colours and hear fearlessness. It made me really like her as a characters. I woudn’t mind reading more about her…but…will we? And there I am back to where this book fits. Is it something about to be larger than its beginnings?

Dunno. It’s a fun read. It doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the Imperial Radch Trilogy, but then I did get three lovely books with Breq, so its a bit unfair to make that comparison. Oh well, let’s see what’s next!

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