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Book review: Stealing Snow

Oh my god, what a terrible book.

The plot, characters, pacing and world was terrible.

Plot of Snow by Danielle Paige: Snow, a patient in a mental hospital, is in love with a boy named Bale (likewise a patient). BUT. She’s actually a princess in another world. Yes. And he gets kidnapped and taken to this other world and she goes to find him. So she conveniently can escape the mental institution with no friggin’ problem.

Also, she loves Bale so much that she starts falling in love with the two boys she shares more than two words with. OMFG.

Oh yeah, and there’s a prophecy that she has to kill her father or be killed. FUN TIMES.

This could be a fun story but its not. The pacing is absolutely ridiculous. She basically figures out her powers in less than a month (she can control snow, of course) and she flits from one dangerous ally to another in a matter of days. She of course, runs across the first boy that she started crushing on, while dancing with the current boy she was crushing on.

At the end of one chapter someone will say something very heavy handed about a truth in the world. She’ll flippantly ignore it and then 10 pages later that heavy handed truth about the world will hit her in the face. It’s so hammer-hits-nail kind of writing.

It’s all a bit too much.

There’s also no effort to the magic in the world. You can literally bottle spells and use them when you need to. It’s just so dumb.

The worst bit is the ending. One, it is bloody obvious who the one character is and the fact that she can’t see it is stupid. Two, the bloody plot twist at the end with her parents. UGH. So dumb. Three: the book doesn’t even fucking end. Stupid cliff hanger.

Basically, do not read. It is terrible.

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