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Book review: Super Extra Grande

So this was odd and probably not in a good way. Good thing it was super short – just 150 pages.

It’s written by a Cuban writer – Yoss. So maybe my problem is that things are lost in translation but I don’t think they are.

So the plot (if you can call it a plot, more like a sequence of barely related events) are about the main character Jan Amos – who is veterinarian to large alien creatures (hence the title). The first mission we find him in the bowels of a giant sea worm, kilometres long, trying to find the bracelet of the wife of a governor. It could be funny but it isn’t really. It ends with a rescue of his two former assistants/secretaries in a giant 200km big space amoeba (for lack of a better description).

I think it tries to be funny but the main character is a douchebag. He isn’t funny and you basically don’t want him to succeed because how awful he is.

Here are some choice quotes:

“But the fact is, whether because I needed an assistant so badly, or because he was even taller than I am, or because he immediately admitted to being misogynistic and heterosexual, he started work for me the same day.”


From the little I know of female psychology, she most likely felt bored and left out while her husband was dealing with a thousand one emergencies, and she wanted a little attention.”


In a description about one the alien races (Cetians) we discover that the females of the species basically don’t have any reproductive organs. Which leads to this delightful line:

Call me machista and closed-minded, and maybe I am, but what good is a woman without her most important opening.

But it’s fine because him and the two assistants end up as a threesome or something. Whatever.

Anyway, there’s not much else to say. It’s weird digressions and short escapades with giant alien creatures and lots of sexist douche-bag drivel. Even if it could be interpreted as knowing, the character is still horrible and says horrible things.

Did I miss something? I’d say read it and be the judge, but it’s really not worth reading. So don’t.

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