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Book review: The Female Man

So, I don’t think Joanna Russ’ book a normal novel. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a stream of consciousness feminist rant that takes place across multiple parallel universes?

There are four women, who cross over into each other’s earths, all which have had a different history. Janet’s Earth has no men, they all died and women artificially create children. Joanna’s Earth is similar to our earth in the 1970s. Jeannine’s Earth never escaped the great depression. Alice Jael’s Earth has had a literal war between men and women and is super weird. Oh yeah, they’re all sort of the same person?

It’s very confusing to read because nothing is really well explained from the beginning, the perspectives jump around all the time and there’s not really any exposition. It’s just a constant stream of thought.

Anyway, I didn’t really enjoy it. I can understand why it was important, but it’s not something you’d read to unwind.

I don’t have much else to say other than it was really fucking weird.

The end.

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