Book reviews

Giving up on The Luminaries

I stopped reading this ‘for a break’ after finishing part one but I’m not going to kid myself, I’m not going to read the rest.

There are many things I don’t like about it. I think historical novels are fine but I think there’s just a bit too much casual racism and sexism for me to want to read anymore.

I mean, the main woman is more often referred to as whore than her name. Fine, she’s a prostitute, but she’s supposed to be well liked. Wouldn’t the men still call her Anna?

Also, all the men are idiots. LIKE IDIOTS. I can’t stand them, they’re just so rubbish at EVERYTHING. I hate them. They’re all in this conspiracy together but clearly distrust each other. There’s just soooo much retelling of the same events. Just so much talking and blathering.


I really am a more destination is more important than the journey when it comes to books. Fuck description and meandering for the sake of description and meandering. PLOT. More plot. Always.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m giving up because I don’t want to waste another 450 pages reading a book I dislike so much, no matter what awards it has one. Too many other things to read.

0/5 stars for being boring and awful and sexist.

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