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Book review: The Summer Book

I bought this book while I’m Finland, it was written by Tove Jansson of Moomin fame. It is hailed as a modern classic in Scandinavia, reads the jacket.

There isn’t really a linear story, it is a series of events that happen on island. The two main characters are a young child, Sophia, and her grandmother. Sophia’s dad is mentioned from time to time but so does the moss.

Maybe there is something lost in the translation or you have to like irrational children, but I wasn’t terribly excited by the book. It was nice enough but it was meandering and a little irritating at times. I can see why some people might like it, but I wish there was something a bit more compelling to keep your interest.

It is interesting in that the character with most of the dialogue are an old woman and a young girl, men appear from time to time but the story isn’t about them. So, that’s lovely. I just wish it wasn’t so boring. Or Sophia so irritating.

Anyway, it was short and okay. Seems like something to read while on holiday. Mostly it feels like the old woman would be happier if everyone just left her alone. Oh well, 3/5 stars.

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