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Book review: Annihilation (Southern Reach trilogy)

This is a short, creepy and compelling read. Just shy of 200 pages, you follow a woman’s experience in Area X.

We only know what the Biologist knows (no one is given a name, only referred to by their titles) and nothing more. We have her theories, distrust and compulsion to go by to figure out what Area X is as she discovers it.

We know that something happened in Area X (or possibly to Area X?). I don’t want to reveal the plot as that reveals what makes the book so good, a drip by drip feed of what has happened to the area and the people who have been sent to it. I can’t even reveal the reason’s the Biologist decided to go as that is quite an important reveal.

What makes this book so great is the mystery and that by unfolding the initial mystery, things only get stranger and stranger. That there is something fundamentally wrong with Area X is obvious, but why?

Anyway, I want to give away all the details but that would spoil the read. I am definitely going to pick up the next 2 book in the series because that was such a good read. 5/5 stars for creepy fascination. Also, all the main characters are women! Hurrah!

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