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Book review: The causal angel

So. It’s still a bit WTF and I’m still not 100% that I actually understood some of the plot but what a bloody brilliant story.

It’s even harder to explain the plot by the third book. Basically, there’s a war and Jean has to rescue Mieli, they each have to steal some stuff, and then they have to create a new universe. Maybe.

Meanwhile, the All-Defector, a living algorithm (maybe?) is taking over the Sobornost and trying to wipe out the Zoku. Yeah, that probably means absolutely nothing to do you. It is something you have to read and experience rather than explain. Like the previous books, you have to let some of the concepts wash over you and soak up.

ANYWAY. It was excellent. I think it was the most tightly focussed of the three books. There were also some ammaaaazing twists. There were a couple other things that happened in the process of the twists that I wasn’t 100% sure about. I’m sure it was fine.


I like that Mieli ends up happy. I like than Jean keeps his promises. I’m sad that Perhonen is gone for good 😦

I would completely recommend these three books, they are brilliant (if sometimes very confusing).

Best of all, Mieli is amazing. She’s a fabulous character. Even the pelligrini is fabulous and gets more complex as the story goes along. What amazing women characters. Jean is a central part of the story as well, but in the central core of characters throughout most of the books, so many central characters are women.

Totally read them all. 5/5 stars.

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