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Book review: The Last Unicorn

Okay, so maybe there’s some inverse law where a book is really good, the film has to be crap and if the film is good, the book is crap. This is how I feel about The Last Unicorn and The Princess Bride.

Seriously, does anyone remember how weird the animation of The Last Unicorn was?

Anyway, I liked the book, it was really bloody good. It had all the kind of surrealist charm of The Sword and the Stone but a much easier read. As well, there were women! And I suppose, not really a woman, but the last Unicorn is a lady unicorn. I’m not saying some of the representations of women were fantastic, but they were better than most fantasy novels. They were all complete characters, with flaws but also lots of strengths. So I think it heartily passes the test.

I’m not sure I can explain the plot well, I mean, it’s about a unicorn, who gets turned into a lady, fights a fiery bull and frees all her fellow unicorns from the sea. It’s not something that really makes sense when you try to explain it succinctly. It takes delight in knowing it’s a fantasy story but takes some of those tropes and turns them on their heads – which I totally enjoyed.

It was delightful. I recommend it heartily to all – as long as you realise it’s super fluffy. It is really the candy floss of fantasy novels. But you can indulge once in awhile and not feel too guilty. It’s certainly better than most of the fantasy novels I’ve read from the list and much shorter. 5/5 for my sheer delightedness.

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