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Book review: The Guest Cat

This was a delightful 136 pages.The book revolves around a man, his wife and the neighbour’s cat, over a period of 3 years. Its really quite a quick read – though not quite sure why it’s a New York Times best seller. I mean, it’s a nice story and all but it’s not life changing or anything.

I think the thing the book made me think about most was the odd cultural quirks (the book takes place in Japan). For example, the couple are house hunting and ask someone for divination help to find their new flat!! There were a couple other rituals that were interesting but I just can’t fathom people doing those sorts of things.

It kind of hit home at the end (they were moving again) and they couldn’t find a flat because everything was crap and expensive (just like London). Also that your flat slowly gets taken over by boxes (which ours is at the moment).

Anyway, it was a lovely short read even though there was a sad bit.

I give it 4/5 stars.

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