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Comics round up #6

Christmas is coming so I’m reading all the comics I haven’t read in the expectation of more comics!

Science: ruining everything since 1543
Zach Weinersmith

For the uninitiated, this is the collection of comics from Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It has many of the science-based hits that the webcomic has to offer and there were many lols. I like how it hits upon with love and good humour, all the foibles associated with scientists, engineers and those who generally love knowledge.

Tim Minchin, DC Turner, Tracy King

Yes! It is the graphic novel version of the very excellent video of the same name. It’s delightful. My particular favourite page is of many wee Tim Minchin’s having a food fight as he tries to hold back his rant. There are some truly lovely frames like the page with the title and the north London flat (I’d totally have that as a poster) or the one with the giant sun. Just beautiful.

Bryan Lee O’Malley

This was pretty adorable from the get go. One of the early panels was Katie freaking out and her waitress just having the words ‘deeply uncomfortable’ above her. It was just a lovely story about making mistakes, continuining to make them and then finally sorting it all out. It was delightful and I recommend it heartily. The writing was just witty and adorable as well, so great.

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