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Book review: The Road

OMG. How depressing was this!? How did they say ‘yeah, that’ll make a great film where EVERYONE WILL CRY FOREVER.’

So plot. End of the world, everything is dead and dying, people have turned to cannibals as they scavenge the dying world for things to eat. A man and his son are walking the road, doing the same, but not eating people.

That. For 300 pages. Just terrible event and horrible thing happening one after another (with a couple of tiny breaks for them).

It doesn’t pass the test because there are barely any women in it, maybe they get about 10 pages (mostly the father remembering his wife.)

I don’t know if I have a rational response to it. I did love the way it was written, super stark and brutal like the world the characters are in. Then on the other hand, it’s so unbelievably depressing so it’s hard to actually like it. I think I survived it more than enjoyed it.

The thing that pissed me off was the ending. I won’t give it away but it was just too fucking convenient is all.

Anyway, maybe a 3/5. It’s worth a read if you feel like the world is too damn happy and stuff. Geez. What a harsh read.

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