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Comics round up #5

Tim Seeley, Mike Norton

I got volumes 3 and 4 for my birthday and the plot thickens! More crazy shenanigans, the only lead Dana has for the murder of her sister gets killed himself and what is with the glowy dudes? Also all the upheaval seems to be dredging up old and new and old skeletons in the closet. I just love the story, I love the characters and I love the mystery of it all.

Pride of Baghdad
Brian K. Vaughan, Niko Henrichon

HOW SAD IS WAS THAT? I won’t spoil it but so sad 😦

I did love this but I have one small feminist critique. If I was a writer anthropomorphising a bunch of lions, I wouldn’t make a scene involving a lion thinking about how she was gang-raped. WHY? Why is that even necessary. If you want to talk about how awful living in the wild, what about starving or being thirsty or something. Gah.

APART FROM THAT. It was beautiful and moving and lovely.


The Squidder
Ben Templesmith

WOW. Weird and wonderful. I have no words how to describe this but then again, how do you describe Wormwood: Gentelman corpse? Templesmith creates a world occupied by universe destroying tentacled aliens, fused human/squid priestesses and the Squidder – an augmented human, created to kill the invaders. Nothing entirely works out for any of them…

I kickstarted the beautiful, hardcover Kraken edition. Just a gorgeous volume all around.

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