Comics roundup #1

Avengers: Endless Wartime
Warren Ellis, Mike McKone, Jason Keith

I picked this up randomly because it was by Warren Ellis. It was pretty good.

The story fused a bit of history from both Captain American from 1944 and Thor and some weird creature from Asgard. They had to fight the fused monster that was begotten from the wonder weapons from Cap’s past and the Nidhogg from Thor’s past.

There were battles, witty humour and only one panel where I was ‘there is no way that female human anatomy can work like that’. The one thing I didn’t like was the conversations between Wolverine and Captain America. Perhaps there’s some tension in other variants that explains this but it seems a bit out of place.

Oh well. 8/10 for weird monsters.

Flight: Volume 1

I’ve wanted to pick up this for ages but never got around to it. I didn’t quite realise that it was an anthology, made up of quite short stories all illustrated or made up of artwork.

It was neat. I think I’ll probably pick up number 2 at some point. I think my favourite story was “Outside my window” by Khang Le and the artwork by Chris Appelhaus was gorgeous. It reminded me a little bit of Rust.

8/10 for prettiness.

Manhatten Projects, volume 3
Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra

I love this series. It’s just fucking bizarre. This episode we see the Infinite Oppenheimer’s betray the cabal of Russian and American scientists using the Cold War as an excuse to fund their projects.

Near the end, we have the good Oppenheimer battling in his brain with the bad Oppenheimer. I wonder how that’s going to end up?

If you know anything about the Manhatten Project and all the scientists involved, you should probably have a gander at this bizarre but amazing graphic novel.

10/10 for awesome.

Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan

This was delightful. And sad. But lovely as well.

It’s a collection of 12 short stories, all to do with power (whether super or not). Some are sad, some are happy, some take interesting twists.

The artwork is lovely. I think my favourite image from the entire book comes in story 6, p. 154. But there are so many good bits! I think my favourite (though really sad) story is number 2.

I originally picked this up as I had read all of DMZ. I have volume 2 to get through now (though as I’m currently in Canada, it is out of reach!)

Even if you’ve never read anything from Brian Wood or you want something for someone who isn’t into super heros – this is an excellent book to pick up.

10/10 for sentiment and wonderfulness.

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