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Book review: Dragonflight

Or how to make a book with dragons in it lame

Oh my god. Why is this book on the list. WHY.

In the land of subjective evaluation, I deem this book terrible. TERRIBLE.

Plot: There’s this place and every so often, what seem to be interstellar spores rain from the sky and would devastate everything it touches. But luckily, this place has FUCKING DRAGONS the burn the ‘Threads’ before they can destroy everything. It centres around 2 emotionally abusive, entirely unlikeable characters. Everyone has a stupid name. Everyone is hateful.

It does not pass my test. Women are treated horribly, it’s like a caricature of medieval times. BLARG. The main character basically admits that he rapes the female main character a lot:

He had been a considerate and gentle bedmate ever since, but, unless Ramoth and Mnementh were involved, he might as well call it rape.

So basically, every time the dragons have a shag, the humans want to shag. But instead of being nice and, you know, not raping her, they just bitch at each other ALL THE FUCKING TIME. FOR FIVE SECONDS STOP BEING ANNOYING. He always refers to her as ‘that girl’ and she’s got this whole “I hate him! What a shit head…wait…WHAT IS THAT BITCH DOING NEAR HIM?”

What a bunch of emotionally stunted twatfaces. The only likeable character is F’nor (why does fantasy = lots of apostrophes in people’s names?) and he’s barely in it!

Why are songs more important than writing shit down. Why do people not pay tithes WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE WITH FUCKING DRAGONS. Why do they have concentrated acid and flame throwers but not human rights.

PLOT HOLES: Why wasn’t the planet just always dead? Why did everyone forget everything technology based when in the intro it said the planet was colonised by space faring people. Why did they default to medieval feudal shit when clearly the space-faring colonists wouldn’t know what feudalism was like. WHAT THE SHIT. The main ending of the story was also an epic plot hole.

Also the writing was god awful. I’m pretty sure I could write better drunk. You could see everything coming from a mile away and when it took 10 pages to get there you were just saddened by their stupidity. For fuck sakes, I figured out the ending about 200 pages in advance.

I give it 1/5 but that’s only because I like dragons. But don’t read it anyway, read a better book with dragons.

I’m going back to sci-fi for awhile.

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