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Book review: Saga

Having just recently read the first volume of Saga (got it for Christmas) I had to very quickly read volume 2.

Saga is a graphic novel created by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, published by Image. Holy shit is it awesome.

So what’s it about? It’s sort of star crossed lovers but epically strange and fantastic. Marko and Alana are soldiers from opposite sides of a seemingly never ending war between their 2 species. Nevertheless, while Alana is guarding Marko, they fall in love and then have to flee. After them are representatives of both their races, hiring bounty hunters to kill them off and take their daughter, Hazel. There’s also a rocketship tree, a ghost baby-sitter and just loads of other cool things.

What makes it amazing is the fantastic elements but also just how relatable and honest Alana and Marko are as main characters. They swear, they’re falliable but they’re adorable and sweet as well. The supporting characters are also very interesting (bounty hunters mostly at this point!) and seem to have their own identies rather than just being graphic novel furniture.

Anyway, Saga is brilliant. Not PG though – there are quite a few adult themes, I guess you would call it. If you like the fantastic, I would totally pick this up.

Now I’m going to cry until the next volume is out.

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